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Trailer Design & Build

We have built ice-cream trailers, mobile hearing booth trailers, exhibition trailers, mobile kitchens, pop up retail trailers and even one as a mobile pinhole camera.

Mobex will design and manufacture a bespoke or special trailer to suit your exact requirements.

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Trailer Hire

All hire vehicles can be customised to your exact requirements, including graphics, and are the ideal option for roadshows and exhibitions.

Hiring from Mobex is the best way to ensure you know what your getting before buying your own trailer!

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Exhibition Stands

Exhibitions are your opportunity to create a stir, build contacts, sell products and services and get ahead of your competition, but only with the right exhibition stands, technology and interactive communications tools.

We'd be delighted to talk about your exhibition. Together we can make them stop, look and listen to your messages,

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Mobex Roadshows

Whether you are testing a product, launching a new brand, needing to inform, consult or advertise, our exhibition trailers make perfect vehicles to get into small and large spaces so you can talk to the people you need to.

Roadshows are a cost effective way of getting across both complex and simple messages directly to a target audience.

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for something different

gazebos, marquees & pagodas


For something a little different why not try one of our gazebos or pagodas. Gazebos can be used in conjunction with a trailer to extend the undercover area of your exhibition space

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