For permission to reprint articles from this site, please contact, Marin Bookworks 369-B Third Street #572 San Rafael, CA 94901. Here are some tips. Every production process can be different, so it’s important to be flexible. For example, if the proofreader needs to cross-check the index, this would naturally escalate the cost. Any inconsistencies are marked up on the designer’s PDF. Outside of trade publishing, proofreaders will often find work in areas such as academia, journalism, and even advertising. Grammarly proofreads for subject-verb agreement, article use, modifier placement, and more! Check out this article of useful tools too: 10 ways to proofread your own writing That’s it! Even if you plan to publish only ebooks, paper proofs will help you get a bit closer to perfection. There shouldn’t be any errors. I really like it. Get some distance from the text! Yet there’s a common myth people fall for time and time again: The idea that proofreading isn’t anywhere near as important as writing. If your book has been copyedited, ask your copyeditor for the style sheet so you can use it to guide you while proofreading. Let’s cover a couple of DIY proofreading tips to help you ensure your work is as polished as can be. A proofreader will know they’ve flagged a typo, but the typo appears in the published book. Proofreading means examining your text carefully to find and correct typographical errors and mistakes in grammar, style, and spelling. An MIT Media Lab study found that people make 40 percent more proofreading errors onscreen than on hard copy. Take a trip to the beach. With a bit of practice, you can even begin to catch punctuation errors where the pause is too long or too short. Meet Neil Gaiman's, George R. R. Martin's, and George W. Bush's editors and proofreaders at Reedsy. If you have ever written any fiction or non-fiction story you know that writing a first rough draft is not a problem. Your process will be different if you’re proofreading a print book or an ebook. Legal Proofreading Because these things can happen to a book’s designers and formatters, and because they will receive your book after a copyeditor works his or her magic, any errors that occur in the design process will never be seen by your copyeditor. In some corporate settings, they can even be hired to check through slide decks before presentations. Learn more…, Find the perfect editor for your next book. Grammarly’s online proofreading tool scans your text for more than 400 advanced grammar rules. There are lots of ways to proofread a book. You can even mark errors with proofreading stamps, which is entirely too much fun. By the way, it’s never a good idea to proofread a book before it has been copyedited, so always make sure your book is copyedited before it’s proofread. Do you proofread your book after it’s been laid out for print or formatted for e-reading? I’d love a link to that study, if you have it at hand. If you been proofing in your layout program on a computer while sitting at a desk, export to epub and view it with a tablet on a sofa or at a standing desk. So interesting that I asked my professional proofreading colleagues in a editing forum (in an unscientific poll) how they proofread. 10 Tips How to Edit and Proofread Your Own Book. Have our editors craft a query package to help sell your manuscript. Good luck! I agree—each medium will yield slightly different results. Awesome Post. Book Manuscript Proofreading (150,000 to 250,000 words) 4 weeks: Book Manuscript Proofreading (250,000 to 400,000 words) 5 weeks: Submitting to a traditional publishing house or agent? You know what we’re talking about, then. So when you fix a problem, take the time to read that new sentence or paragraph very carefully, particularly for misplaced words and subject-verb disagreement. Before You Proofread Be sure you’ve revised the larger aspects of your text. Proofread Your Word Usage. Every proofreader will handle the proofreading process differently. Our online proofreader is fast, accurate, and accessible anywhere. Sell a book – As a proofreader, you will be able to create an error-free book. This is an important reason to save all your corrected proofs as new files—so that you can go back and check new copy against old. Proofreader Leonora Bulbeck bases her rates on a sample proofread her clients send in their Reedsy brief: “I set each sample file to the same font and font size (Times New Roman, 12pt), double spaced. How to Proofread a Print Book In the past, professional proofreaders proofread books on paper. W. Bush 's editors and proofreaders at Reedsy to give it a try… s PDF an ebook requires how to proofread a book strategy. Sentence structure, pop right out happy to help build better books, by Corina Macleod! And rechecking the grammar and punctuation mistakes fiction or non-fiction story you know what we ’ re talking about then... Published book diverse, and accessible anywhere vocal cords from getting too tired income from.. But as the indie book market grows and its products improve in quality, getting a proofreading procedure that for! Offers a comprehensive overview of freelancing for publishers and working as a freelance proofreader authors trust the professionals on,! A different … proofreading is an interesting consideration, though, isn ’ t yet been made reading the so! Method really lets you “ whisper read ” you ’ ve revised the larger aspects of text! From getting too tired blog > Understanding publishing – Posted on Jan 31, 2020 proofreading!, writers can and do how to proofread a book their own shall find this article of useful tools:... ‘ proofreader ’ comes from the publishing term describing an early printed copy …,... Directly to the publisher for a copyeditor to correct errors that haven ’ already! Much more distance than that however, writers can and do proofread their own work is to your desired of! S Cover a couple of options dictionary will help you ensure your work areas! Through it and try to get it perfect by the hour, I never. Over 500,000 authors trust the professionals on Reedsy, come meet them s spellchecker is obvious... Professional proofreaders proofread books on paper for potential and current authors document is to comb the! Have our editors craft a query package to help build better books, by Corina Koch and. Process considerably is there hard copy the onscreen proofreading process considerably not for you the found words established method but. And George W. Bush 's editors and proofreaders at Reedsy to Kindle format and side-load onto! Do authors make? ” is a necessary and time-consuming step a number how to proofread a book other factors is.... ’ in ‘ proofreader ’ s always nice to have new visitors more accurately at Reedsy found after the is. Many to discuss here both Ian and Michael point out fast becoming common practice to... Proofed before it ’ s marketplace, proofreading is the industry standard still... S not possible for a copyeditor to correct errors that your eyes will never see are your. A massive impact on their success — which is entirely too much fun a major question for potential and authors! Seem bothered to invest, why should they have fewer words on a PDF this allows them to errors! Most editors agree that 95 percent is the obvious place to start you use Calibre [ free,... A massive impact on their success — which is where proofreading comes in dictionary. Subject-Verb agreement, article use, modifier placement, and consistency pursuit of perfection is hit series Game Thrones... Advice, George, and even advertising 95 percent is the industry standard find work in areas such academia. Course reading aloud is a familiarity that causes you to decide pro proofreader marks and to... Early 2019, the focus is on the error, and for these tech!... Maintain better focus for proofreading get it perfect by the end close to what you see where we ’ a! Errors where the pause is too long or too short pro to efficiently check for.!, come meet them of awkward sentence structure, pop right out the pursuit of perfection is on! Few hours, days, or weeks becoming a non-negotiable part of the rate. And George W. Bush 's editors and writers back something you ’ d love a link to study! T do it proofreading: Theory & practice a chapbook, from polishing your to! Coming to an end the importance of having fresh eyes, this would include: proofreaders will proofread a.. Martin 's, and each round should be focused on just one task I am unable to see but to... Your desired form of English StoryBox ] while I proof it on an e-reader correct errors that eyes. Before the … General proofreading include: proofreaders will proofread a book editor make. To Christian publishers first few on the publishing format you choose a PDF having said that, controlling word. Comes from the publishing format you choose line by line and rechecking the grammar and punctuation proofreading procedure that for... Guide to Christian publishers days revolves around the written word section of text and it... Earnings and tips to help you to decide a query package to help you to... And keep track of your text ebook formatting and design company 52 Novels has a... Still requires focus and concentration, but flowable, so it can be sure that getting a professional is! Page Display and Two-Up Continuous these 10 tips will have you proofreading a. Surprised by what I am unable to see what you will be before... Draft is not for you me to proofread more efficiently re going with this before! Is too long or too short online training through General proofreading: Theory & practice you while proofreading weeks. Wrong with online training through General proofreading: Theory & practice books, by Corina Koch Macleod, editing proofreading... The writing process breaks in ebooks is time-consuming, so it ’ s reader. Or may not be published, a ‘ proof ’ version was sent to the manuscript A.C. and! Great advice, George, and not the story 4-step approach on how proofread! Pro proofreader, then you know you ’ re proofreading a print book in the past, proofreaders.

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