Nova Scotia Commercial Drivers License Road Signs Practice Test 1. The Government of Nova Scotia provides this facility, where all the residents of Nova Scotia who are holding the NS driver’s license can know or get or obtain their driver record or abstract. Classes of Newly Licensed Driver's Licences : In Nova Scotia, there are two different types of this licence: (1) Class 5 N (for "Newly licensed...) -- which allows you to drive cars, pick-up trucks, sport utility vehicles and vans seating less than 10 people; When you use the Nova Scotia Driver Licence Renewal Service your personal information (name, address, email, phone, master number, and date of birth) is collected as allowed by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and Motor Vehicle Act. Contact. Until you get your full Nova Scotia Class 5 license, you cannot be a supervising driving for a learning driver. Looking for information on driving in Nova Scotia, paying a parking ticket or the latest gas prices? The Graduated Driver Licence system consists of three separate phases. The Nova Scotia graduated driver licensing process is designed to help new drivers navigate all the steps required to become safe, capable and confident drivers. Driver’s licences that expire in March, April, May, June, July and August 2020 have a 5-month extension from the original expiry date. Sale! Learn to drive in Alberta | Learn to drive in BC | Learn to drive in Manitoba | Learn to drive in New Brunswick | Learn to drive in Newfoundland | Learn to drive in Northwest Territories | Learn to drive in Nova Scotia | Learn to drive in Nunavut | Learn to drive in Ontario | Learn to drive in PEI | Learn to drive in Quebec | Learn to drive in Saskatchewan | Learn to drive in Yukon. Your Nova Scotia licence has been extended for 5 months from the original expiry date; This extension includes all licence classes including Class 7 Learner's Licences (sometimes called Beginner's) Online renewals are available for driver licence classes 5, 6, or 8 (regular, motorcycle or farm tractor). We strive to make things easier, regardless of which kind of Nova Scotia driving license you need to apply for. Sponsored Links How to Renew Nova Scotia Driving License? Need to register a vehicle, renew your licence or take a driving test? Nova Scotians can now renew their driver’s licence online - Halifax | Individuals will receive an electronic renewal confirmation … This will test your basic knowledge on Nova Scotia driving: road rules, parking rules, vehicle licensing and registration information. On October 1, 1994, Nova Scotia implemented the Graduated Driver Licence system. Copyright 2019 a division of AgileWeb Inc. 0. close. Nova Scotia Driver's Licence This practice quiz contains 40 questions on road rules and road signs in Nova Scotia. In each phase, the new driver is subject to driving restrictions and conditions. is a privately owned website and is not affiliated with any government agency. have your driver’s licence number (you can find this on the front of your driver’s licence) Pay online. Alberta Car License Alberta Motorcycle License, Manitoba Car License Manitoba Motorcycle License, New Brunswick Car License New Brunswick Motorcycle License, Nova Scotia Car License Nova Scotia Motorcycle License, Nunavut Car License Nunavut Motorcycle License, Ontario Car License Ontario Motorcycle License, Quebec Car License Quebec Motorcycle License, Saskatchewan Car License Saskatchewan Motorcycle License, Yukon Car License Yukon Motorcycle License, Complete Car, Motorcycle, Home & Life Insurance Coverage for Canadian Residents. Accidents caused by drunk drivers claim many lives every year and the province of Nova Scotia is extremely strict when it comes to their driving under the influence laws. In this article, we break down exactly what a Class 1 driver’s license in Nova Scotia is, the steps to obtain it, Class 1 training in Nova Scotia and everything in between. Step 1 - Class 5N Licence + safe driving (2 years) --> Class 5R licence Step 2 - Class 5R License + safe driving (2 years) --> Class 5 License. Commercial Driver HQ is a website focused on helping new commercial drivers in all provinces and territories in Canada. Duration of this Phase 1 will be 12 months. Start now . Hold your Learner licence for at least 12 months. Nova Scotia Driver's Licence Getting your Nova Scotia learner’s licence, as part of the province’s Graduated Driver Licensing program, involves passing two tests, a signs test and a rules test. If you wish to get your driver’s licence in Nova Scotia, you will need to start by getting your learner’s licence as part of the Graduated Driver Licensing program. The fast and easy way to get the best insurance coverage. Driver’s License from the province that you are leaving. All of the following questions have been designed from the Nova Scotia Driver's Handbook. The residents of Nova Scotia Province who are holding Driving License must renew their license before it expires. You must remain at the 5R stage for a minimum of 24 months before you can qualify for your full Class 5 Nova Scotia car licence. After you pass the G2 road test, you get a full licence. Driver licences can still be renewed at Access Nova Scotia centres by calling to make an appointment or waiting in line. A very similar NS graduated motorcycle license program is also in place. To make sure that you're as well-prepared as prepared as possible for your Nova Scotia driving test, we have created NS practice driving tests that mimic the actual Nova Scotia knowledge tests. Nova Scotia Commercial Drivers License Road Signs Practice Test 2 Commercial Driver HQ is a website focused on helping new commercial drivers in all provinces and territories in Canada. Each Service Nova Scotia office is dedicated to providing Nova Scotia residents with up to date information on driver licensing, vehicle registration and any other driver related questions you may have. The Government of Nova Scotia introduced this Graduated Drivers License system on first October 1994. Enter your driver’s licence number exactly as it’s shown on your licence. A Nova Scotia Learners license is only granted to new drivers who can prove sufficient knowledge about the rules of the road as well. Nova Scotia Driving License Renewal: Visit your nearest Registry of Motor Vehicles office. Nova Scotia driver's licences can now be renewed online. Leave a comment Comments. You may now choose to say good-bye to waiting in line at Access Nova Scotia to renew your license. The Graduated Driver Licence system consists of three separate phases. Driver in Nova Scotia needs to finish the full program with required testing and hold up times between each progression. The drivers handbook below is also publicly available on the Nova Scotia Ministry of Transportation website. Once you have completed the mandatory 24-month wait time with a Class 5 R license and graduated from a ministry-approved driver training program, you are eligible for a full Class 5 car license and can exit the Nova Scotia graduated driver licensing program. Passing score required: 80%. More from Global News NDP removes MP … This means that any new driver, regardless of age, who applies for a Learners licence after October 1, 1994, will operate under the graduated system.

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